Cera di Cupra is a brand on the side of feminine beauty. It offers a personalised cosmetic programme that offers natural solutions to the various needs of each age through its ranges:

Cura di Cupra has known women for over fifty years.

The Ciccarelli family of Cupra Marittima in the Marche, already famous in Italy at the beginning of the century for having launched the first toothpaste - Pasta del Capitano - decided to offer their female clients another extraoridnary product. Dr Nicola Ciccarelli, at the head of the family business, dedicated his free time to beekeeping and was impressed by the exceptional qualities of some ingredients found in the beehives that he so carefully kept. In particular, he realised that the wax produced by his bees possessed protective and nourishing properties that could effectively be used in a cosmetic product and which were perfect for an anti-ageing treatment for skin.
He therefore decided to launch onto the market a beauty cream based on this substance and to call it Cera di Cupra: "Cera" to indicate the presence of the Virgin Beeswax and "Cupra", name of the Marche birthplace of its founder, but also and above all a name that, in Italy, identified the goddess Aphrodite thanks to her Cypriot origins. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty and love and therefore Dr Nico thought it ideal to represent a cream aimed at becoming the most famous beauty cream in Italy.

Since then, Cera di Cupra has been a synonym for quality, reliability and naturalness. Their specific products for the face and body have grown together with Italian women, offering products dedicated to the protection, care and wellbeing of skin.
Cera di Cupra from its beginnings until today: